By Michael Rakov, Reiki and Energy Practitioner

Smudging cleans and clears out the energy that builds up in our living spaces over time.  Smudging your home, office, even your car, can make your space feel lighter, cleaner, more relaxing, and more inviting.  It’s a reset on any energy that’s been building up.

 Why would you smudge now?

The coronavirus has upended most of our lives.  Our families were suddenly thrown together in one space with little or no warning.  The “typical” of our lives – school, work, friends, working out, social events – were all cancelled due to this virus our local officials were working to control and combat.  Many of us are now around people 24/7.  That itself would produce many different emotions.  Add to that the reason we’re all together and there is another layer of stress, worry and anxiety.  All these factors contribute to how your home, and in some instances your home office – feels.

Now is the perfect time to reset, refresh and renew your focus.  Since you had to slow down, what did you notice about your life?  Did you find yourself re-prioritizing your to do list?  Did opinions and beliefs about life, work, home, or family change?  Taking the time to smudge your space with your new outlook will help clear out old energy and make room for new, fresh, exciting possibilities.

What’s smudging all about?

Every human being has energy running through them.  Electrical impulses fire off from our brains all the time, telling us to swallow, telling our hearts to beat, even helping us to think our thoughts and  feel our feelings.

Those impulses produce an energy field around us.  You can get a sense of that if you hold your palm over someone else’s palm and feel the heat being generated between the two.

Over time, our energy field influences our living and working spaces.  Maybe you’ve had the experience of walking into someone’s home and taking an involuntary deep breath in and out.  You felt your shoulders relax, you felt welcome, you may have even noticed your mind calmed down.  The energy of this home feels good.  Smudging can elevate how a home feels and create a serene environment.

How do I smudge?

There are many ways to smudge.  Since my training is in Peruvian Shamanism, the most common tools I use are incense called Palo Santo (“holy stick”) and a feather to help direct the smoke.  I’ve also used singing bowls since sound, when directed with intention, can also help break up and remove energy that’s stuck.

When I work with clients, I want them to participate in the smudging.  It’s important that the people who live or work in the spaces I’m asked to smudge, participate in taking care of the energy of their space.

Actively engaging with and taking care of your energy and the energy of where you spend your time sends a message to your Higher Power (God, Spirit, Higher Self, Source, The Divine, The Way) that you want to help co-create the next phase of your life.

I go through the basics of smudging with them, the intentions to hold while they smudge, and together we clear the energy.  I leave clients with an understanding of smudging and a few sticks of Palo Santo so they have tools to keep their space clear.

If you are in the process of selling or buying a home, I would encourage you to give smudging some consideration.  I recommend smudging your new home just before, or just after you move in to clean and clear out the previous owner’s energy giving you a clean energetic slate.  If you are selling your home, smudging it will do two things.  It will make it feel good to you and help clear out the “selling a home” moving stress; and it will feel warm and inviting to prospective buyers.  If you know someone who is buying a new home or has just moved in, you could give them the housewarming gift of a smudging session with me.

I am following the guidelines from the CDC and IDPH and wear a mask during smudging sessions, keeping a 6’ distance from clients.

Michael Rakov is the owner of Energetic Intentions and a valued member of the La Grange Business Association. If you have any other questions, or want to book a smudging session, feel free to visit his website or email