As more people return to the classroom and the office this fall, anxiety levels may be running high after being indoors and mostly away from others for so long this past year. While everyone tries to get back in the groove of their routines, practicing self-care with natural products that are good to your body are crucial for staying relaxed and stress-free.

Staying hydrated is a key, and simple, way to stay energized and awake during the day without using any products at all. Everyone should drink a half-ounce to one ounce of water for every pound you weigh—bringing a reusable water bottle to school or the office is a great reminder to keep drinking water throughout the day. As days become hectic once again, it’s important to remember to take breaks throughout your day for simple breathing techniques and quieting the mind. As we all slowly dive into the busy world outside our homes, always remember to remain focused and at peace throughout the day with taking things slowly and meditating for even a few minutes at the beginning of your day.

Taking care of your skin, your largest organ, is another amazing way to practice self-care, especially with using natural products. Choose face and body care products that are made with plant based natural ingredients. Not only will these products leave your skin smooth and hydrated but they will provide an added benefit of healing properties. Lavender for example is in our face oil that is hydrating and good for any skin condition and calms the mind and combats stress.  When washing your face, splash water on, then pump natural cleansing oils to the palm of your hand and wipe in an upward and outward motion. Take a warm towel and apply to the face for a couple of seconds for the antiseptic oils to absorb and cleanse the skin. Wipe the face and watch the impurities strip away while leaving the skin moist and fresh.

When looking at the products you use, be aware of the ingredients in them. Often, hair and body products are filled with chemicals causing harm to our physical and mental health. Especially during these times, its critical to use only all-natural products like face oils, body oil, and deodorants that aren’t going to harm our bodies.

During my time as a registered nurse, I saw first-hand the impact of these toxins on patients’ health. Because of this, I became an aromatherapist and oncology-certified aesthetician on a mission to provide clean skin products for everyone to use. In creating LUXXE | HONOR, customers can now shop plant-based, 100% therapeutic oils and blends, along with skin care, facial and body lotions, and deodorants that are seen as simple, serene, safe, and sensuous. Lightweight and fast-absorbing face and body oils include rosemary, ylang ylang, lavender oil, organic jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, and other natural ingredients that moisturize, smooth, protect, and nurture your skin and sense of well-being.

While the return to school and the office can be stressful on people, take the time to practice self-care by treating your body right and only using natural, clean products that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated ready to take on the day.

Jen Del Giudice is the owner of LUXXE/HONOR, a natural products and wellness company located at 311 W. Hillgrove in La Grange.