by Jamie Carney, Baird & Warner

Now more than ever, people across the country, and across our neighborhoods are realizing what they love, or what they don’t love about their home. Whether it’s starting to feel a little bit too cozy, needing more private space for Zoom meetings and online classes, or wanting some breathing room outside – you may have thought ‘maybe it’s time we started to think about moving’.

In the past few months, the Jasinski Home Team at Baird & Warner has been putting in extra work to make the buying and selling process as safe as possible. By wearing masks and providing hand sanitizer at open houses, as well as using QR Codes instead of property detail sheets, safety is our number one priority. From wearing those wonderful blue booties, conducting virtual showings, open houses and appointments, to wiping down keys and lockboxes after showings – we mean business when it comes to people’s health and well being. Frankly – we are SOLD on keeping people healthy!

If the thoughts of a bigger backyard or a private office have crossed your mind – here are some things to consider and to help you figure out if it’s the right time to move!

Lack of Space
Changing Styles and Needs
The Price isn’t Right
Desire for Change
Home Headaches
Neighborly Issues

If you’re elbow to elbow with your pets’ food bowl, your Zoom office doubles as a ping pong table, or you’re constantly searching for some private space – it might be time to move. Lack of space is more apparent than ever now and definitely one of the key reasons we see people moving.

If the only outdoor space you have is right next to a dumpster, or maybe that wallpaper project you wanted to start 6 years ago still isn’t complete – it might be time to move. Sure your house won’t match your style every day, but you can find a house with some great updates and renovations done for you! And if the only thing holding you back from getting an outdoor dining table is a dingy deck, it could be time to consider finding a space that offers that.

If you are tired of Cook County taxes – it might be time to move. Financial situations are changing now. Take a real look at your finances and figure out if it makes sense to sell and find a great new house within your budget.

If you could ‘work from home’ anywhere in the country, and you’re dreading another Chicago winter – it might be time to move. Maybe you’ve always wanted to live in a tiny house on the East Coast, or maybe you’d prefer a beach home out West. Either way, working from home for an extended period could make these dreams a reality!

If every time you turn on the hair dryer, your lights all cut out – it might be time to move. All of our homes have little issues here and there, but maybe this new found time at home has made them more apparent and you’re ready to find a new home that doesn’t have these odd features.

If your neighbor has decided it would be a good idea to have a pet rooster – it might be time to move! We all love our neighbors, but maybe their quirks are becoming a bit much and you’re ready to meet some new neighbors.

But seriously – most of the clients we speak with on a day to day basis need more space, for their work, for their studies, and for their stuff. Offices or 4th bedrooms are HUGE right now, and outdoor space is rising quickly to the top of the needs list. Did you notice the shortage of portable pools, fire pits and outdoor patio sets this summer? Yup – we did too. Why is that? People are home. Working from home, studying at home, and eating at home.

So, if you’ve had any interest in knowing what your home is worth during Covid, call us; this is what we do. If you decide it’d be fun to have a pet rooster, have your neighbors call us.


The Jasinski Home Team is headed by Steve Jasinski, an experienced real estate broker who is committed to the success of each client and believes in making clients for life. Many of his clients become good friends, joining an ever-growing, extended family. This attribute & philosophy is shared by his team members Kevin Farmar, Christina Andino, Sheri Sauer & Judy Riley. Their compassion for finding the best deal for their clients makes them a cohesive team with one goal in mind. They focus on their clients together to create a great bond & trust and use all their life/work experience to bring the results their clients are looking for.

The Jasinski Home Team at Baird & Warner has been an integral part of the La Grange Business Association for many years; Steve Jasinski is a former president of the association’s board.