by Megan Wenstrup, owner and founder of FitGive Movement

The very first La Grange Earth Day 5K Virtual Fun Run and Walk is underway through April 25.

Charge up your phone and your AirPods. Follow the link below, download the playlist and prepare to get your FREAKY FAST turned ON!

I hope I’ve got a little something for everyone here. Look for some nods to Earth Day, some references to your bad a$$ self, and some suggestions on why accepted this challenge to start.

Perhaps you consider employing the music as an active partner for your run. Pick up your pace for a song, then walk or jog a song. Jog the verse and sprint the chorus. Match footsteps to the beat of the music – 1/2 time, or double time. Feel the music and visualize how it makes you feel. Translate those emotions into your movement to push you forward – faster, quieter, stronger, intense, calm, etc.

I’d love to hear from you. Which song really got you going?

Are you interested in participating in this virtual run or walk? Registration is still open here. Run or walk on your own time, on your own route, through Sunday, April 25. The run is organized by the La Grange Business Association and is sponsored by Jackie Errico Fitness and Club Pilates La Grange, with support from FitGive Movement, La Grange Fitness, Boyce Chiropractic and Interfaith Community Partners.