The La Grange Business Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Kathy Dierkes as the 2017 Board President and the appointment of several new board members.

Serving with Kathy on the Executive Board is Joseph Kroc as Vice President, Sally Nauss as Treasurer, Bill Carney as Board Secretary, and Phil Fornaro as the Immediate Past President. New to the Regular Board is Sandra Law, chair of the retail committee and Gioia Giannotti, chair of the health and wellness committee.” I’m so pleased to welcome Kathy in her new role as president,” said Nancy Cummings, Executive Director of the La Grange Business Association. “She has been a business owner in La Grange for 30 years and has built relationships and respect that will serve us well. Sandra and Gioia are just the right people to be heading their respective committees.”

The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who represent professional services, restaurants, retail and non-profit organizations in the area. It is the Board’s responsibility to provide direction and guidance to the Association, chair a committee, and advocate for the growth of member businesses.

In her new role as President, Dierkes plans to put greater emphasis on community outreach. “So often, people mention to me that they had no idea that the La Grange Business Association is behind their favorite community events like the holiday walk, the carnival, the craft fair or the farmers market. I hope to use these events to emphasize to residents that it’s our vibrant businesses that help make our community so strong. The need for supporting local and independent businesses – all of them – is especially great as we move into 2017.”

Board members who are continuing on in their roles are: Peggy Maglaris Kopley as carnival committee chair; Negeen Masghati as Hometown Holiday committee chair; Steve Jasinski as service business committee chair; Steve Palmer as operations chair; Joan Smothers as non-profit committee chair; and Ryan Williamson as membership chair.

“I’m looking forward to working with this board to meet the challenges of 2017 head-on,” said Dierkes. “Phil Fornaro took our business association to a whole new level and that attracts talent. These talented people bring a tremendous amount of expertise in their respective fields which helps us to continue to enhance the services we can offer the local business,” she said.

About the La Grange Business Association

The La Grange Business Association is a membership organization of  300 service businesses, restaurants, retailers and non-profit organizations that strive to enhance the La Grange economy through networking opportunities, educational programs, special events, and marketing programs.