by Meg Kreikemeier, owner of 488 Park Consulting

It’s the beginning of the year and a great time to audit your systems and decide if you need to update them. As a small business owner or nonprofit director, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Are we gathering all the information we need to serve our customers/clients?
  2. Can we report on our results easily and effectively?
  3. Can we segment our customers/clients for better outreach?
  4. Are there tasks or activities that regularly slip through the cracks?
  5. Is there a staff member who is spending lots of time cleaning up data or frustrated with processes?
  6. Can anything be automated to free up staff to do other activities?

Aligning your CRM or donor database with your workflows will allow you to get more out of it and eliminate pain points – those bottlenecks and frustrations at a task or staff level. It may be that you need to add new fields, schedule reports, add automations, or improve integrations in your database which will allow you and your staff to spend more time developing the business or nonprofit.

Reach out to me at I will work with you to find the best CRM or donor database and configure it to suit your needs.

Meg Kreikemeier started 488 Park Consulting to help small business and nonprofits with their databases and websites. She worked in the insurance industry for over 13 years and for a local nonprofit for nearly 9 years. She is an expert with many CRMs and donor databases like Salesforce, Hupspot, Zoho, Quickbase, Little Green Light, Bloomerang and Donor Perfect. 488 Park Consulting is an active member of the La Grange Business Association.

Photo credit krakenimages on Unsplash