by Julie Judd, Store Manager of Stockholm Objects in La Grange        

With the change in seasons, sweaters move to the front of the closet and halter dresses to the back. This is a great time to revamp your wardrobe and retool your image. But how?

Shop with a purpose – We all do it. You find yourself shopping the newest spring line at your favorite store… but do you know what you already have? It reminds me of grocery shopping. You know what happens when you go there with no list! We buy items we don’t need and then forget the items needed to make dinner. Before you head out to the stores or shop online, always have a list of what you need. At the end of each season, while it is fresh in your mind, make your list. When the new season rolls around, you will know exactly what to shop for and can look for those items first. Using salespeople is also a huge tool to make shopping more efficient. Most people in sales know their product and can help you find what you’re looking for quicker than you can. Plus, when you have a list, they won’t be able to tempt you to buy things you don’t need.

Know your colors – You may have noticed that these days we get to choose between an almost endless range of colors for our wardrobe. However, that does not mean every single color will flatter us. In fact, certain colors can have the opposite effect on some skin tones. Do you have warm coloring or cool coloring? The best way to find that answer is to check out the Jill Kirsh Color System. Why is knowing your coloring so important? There are certain colors that dominate the market every season. If you know which of them make you look your best, you’ve eliminated half the clothes to look at and try on. It will make shopping much easier and your wardrobe will flow better season to season.

Proper fitting undergarments – Wearing ill-fitting undergarments create those unsightly panty lines. Tight bras cause rolls under our shirts. Needless to say, these things can totally ruin an outfit. There are tons of undergarment options now that can work with any outfit, and many of them are designed to be slimming and work miracles for your look (while remaining comfortable). Your bustline can change over time due to menopause, post baby, etc. You should get measured every couple of years by a local lingerie shop to insure you have the best fit possible.

Alterations, alterations, alterations – I cannot stress how many times I have heard the following from customers: “If I need alterations, then it’s not meant to be.” Let’s face it, if someone had all the money in the world, they would have their clothes custom fit! Why does a man get a tailored suit? A suit made with his precise measurements will make him look his best and give him the most confidence possible. I am not saying go out and buy ill-fitting clothes to have them remade. I am saying if an arm hole is too big, have it shortened. Don’t want to wear a bra with a sleeveless dress? You can have bra cups sewn into a dress. You can even have a loop made in the shoulder of a dress and snap your bra straps in them! Little alterations can make a big difference.

Style for your body type – Understanding and owning your body’s shape makes looking good easier. To give this some context let’s just start with… can everyone where skinny jeans?  After all, they are everywhere and in every size. I would say yes. I can probably find a skinny jean that fits anyone… but is it the best type of jean for your body type?  Is there an alternative out there that would fit better?  To give an example, if a girl is curvy a boot cut, flair, or wide leg jean would be a better look for her. Someone who is straight up and down, not any curves to speak of, should look for items that give the illusion of some shape.

Stockholm Objects is a European-inspired lifestyle boutique with locations in La Grange and Hinsdale, IL and Harbert, MI, and combines timeless Scandinavian Design with current European and American brands creating a fun shopping experience. Contact the La Grange Store at 717 W Hillgrove by calling  708-937-9390. Email: