By Nancy Cummings.

It’s National Farmers Market Week, and we couldn’t be prouder of ours. Farmers markets are not only a way for local farmers to showcase the bounty of their harvest, they’re also community gathering spots that support local and sustainable food. They’re business incubators where food entrepreneurs can introduce, market, and test their products, respond to customer feedback and quickly make changes. 

Studies have shown that farmers markets support a variety of social systems that reach beyond increasing revenue for local farmers, even though for many market vendors, it’s their sole source of income. Did you know that on average, people who shop at farmers markets have 15-20 social interactions per visit, as opposed to 1-2 interactions at the grocery store? Or that growers selling locally create 13 full times jobs per $1 million in revenue compared to 3 full time jobs by those selling non-locally? 

In addition, farmers markets spur spending at neighboring businesses. A 2010 study of the Easton Farmers Market in Pennsylvania found that 70% of farmers market customers are also shopping at downtown businesses, spending up to an extra $26,000 each week. 

The farmers market in La Grange, which is organized by the La Grange Business Association, is more than a place to shop. It’s an opportunity to socialize, to learn, to sing, to read, to taste and to gather. Our farmers market creates community, stimulates the local economy, and helps preserve both farmland and rural livelihoods. Neighbor helping neighbor, one pepper at a time. 

Where are you buying your produce this week?

Find out more about the La Grange Farmers Market here. 

Delicious pears from the Michigan farms of JW Morlock & Girls.

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