By Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.

Family Wellness Chiropractor/Neuroscience/Mindset Trainer/Inspirational Speak/Influential Author

  At the time of writing this blog, we have seen a rise in chronic illnesses in children.  Today, 54% of children are experiencing some form of chronic illnesses.  When we look at Autism rates, based upon, the numbers are around 1 and 18 children.  ADHD is 1 out of 9 children (1 out of 7 for boys).  Allergies, Asthma and other conditions are continually on the rise. 

  Children are second to taking prescription drugs.  Retirees take the most prescription drugs, averaging 22 different prescription drugs per year.  More than 125 million prescriptions will be written for children this year alone!

 Asthma medications prescribe to children cost $56 million.  Statin drugs (high cholesterol drugs) prescribed to children cost $3.5 million.  The cost of anti-depressants that children are on is $12 million.  ADHD prescription medications cost $30 million per year ($24 million to boys).   

  The question I ask continually is, “Why are we seeing a rise in so many chronic illnesses?”  Is the solution to these conditions more drugs?  America makes up 5% of the world’s population, yet we consume over 75% of the world’s drugs.  

  As the law of attraction states, what you focus on you create more of.  Since our current healthcare system truly is a condition base system, what we are manifesting is more conditions and illnesses.  Until we change our perspective as a whole, we will only continue to see this process grow as it has.

  There is a huge number of mothers starting to look at holistic options to help with their children’s health.  Chiropractic care continues to be one of the common options.  One of the biggest value Chiropractic offers, not to only children but even adults, is helping the individual return back to the perfection they are designed to be: Happy, Healthy and Vibrant.

  The question I always ask a parent is, “When the twig turns into a tree, when would you want to know when it may be off its optimal potential?”  Any parent would say, “As soon as possible.”   

Hippocrates once said, “All living systems are either growing or dying.”  Dr. Bruce Lipton (Cellular Biologist) stated, “Your body is either in a state of protection or a state of growth, but never both.”  The truth is BOTH of these processes are always happening at the same time in your body – the process of GROWING and the process of DYING (Protection).  But by the end of each day, one of these two processes will have predominated over the other at the end of the day.  If we want to see more days of growing rather than dying, we need to focus on three things: 

1.     Positive Focus

2.     Healthy Lifestyle (food, sleep, movement)

3.     Clear Brain-Body Connection (Clear Nervous System) – so that your innate intelligence (in-born intelligence) can both comprehend and respond optimally to everything that is happening both inside and outside your body.

  Since your spinal cord is so completely connected with your spine, A CLEAR BRAIN-BODY CONNECTION REQUIRES an optimally ALIGNED and FUNCTIONING spine. Without this, the communication between your brain and your body is compromised and your innate (inborn) intelligence will not be able to comprehend and respond to its inner and outer environments optimally.  That loss of an alignment/function in your spine and the loss of that neural connection is what we call, “Being Subluxated.” This state usually doesn’t cause any symptoms, but it ALWAYS results in a decreased expression of health and life. 

  How does it do that?  The more ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT your body is, the more time you spend each day focused on GROWING.  The less organized and efficient it is, the more time you spend slowly dying.  And the key to organization is maintaining the brain-body connection.

  The specialty of the chiropractor is to detect disorganization within the nervous system, clear the interference and allow for the whole nervous system to work better.  And when your whole nervous system works better, your whole body and your whole mind have the highest potential of being their best as well. 

  You see, it’s not about treating problems, and it’s not about NOT being sick or having symptoms.  Chiropractic does not treat any condition, symptom, illness or disease. It is all about being as connected as possible so you have the highest chance of progressively reaching your potential.  

  That is it!  It is that simple.  Everyone has the choice to either grow a little each day or to die (protect) a little each day by actively choosing to allow life or to disallow life. 

  Chiropractic is simply about helping you get and stay as CONNECTED as possible in order to allow your Life Force (innate intelligence) to flow as freely and fully as possible, so that you can experience your maximized human potential.

  This is why, in order to change healthcare, we should utilize Chiropractic as the first thing because it works with the nervous system that controls every single function within your body.  You start with Chiropractic and then, add in the other elements that improve one’s health, such as nutrition, movement (exercise), positive focus and sleep. 

When we start to shift our focus in society from a condition base, symptom base model known as “Sick Care,” and start to shift our focus into the things that truly give our body health, that is when we focus on Health Care and change the paradigm for ourselves and the future generations: the children…

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