Great Playlist Can Power You Through the La Grange Earth Day 5K

by Megan Wenstrup, owner and founder of FitGive Movement The very first La Grange Earth Day 5K Virtual Fun Run and Walk is underway through April 25. Charge up your phone and your AirPods. Follow the link below, download the playlist and prepare to get your FREAKY FAST turned ON! I hope I’ve got a … Read More

Are you working smart – or just working hard?

Better data management will give you more time to develop your small business or nonprofit. by Meg Kreikemeier, owner of 488 Park Consulting I’ve found when I help nonprofits and small businesses, they either have a system they’re not comfortable using or they don’t have a database and are relying on spreadsheets or information in … Read More

Smudging: What is it? And why is it so important now?

By Michael Rakov, Reiki and Energy Practitioner Smudging cleans and clears out the energy that builds up in our living spaces over time.  Smudging your home, office, even your car, can make your space feel lighter, cleaner, more relaxing, and more inviting.  It’s a reset on any energy that’s been building up.  Why would you … Read More

Five Ways to Get Unstuck.

by Zen Burgos, founder and creator of ELLIPTIHIT Wow, what a year.  I’ve been a fitness coach for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Everyone I know has some level of anxiety right now — but I’ve also heard from many clients that they’ve finally gotten decent sleep, had more time with … Read More

Bring on the Dessert!

By Marija Pejkovic, owner of Balkan Bakery Pies, coffee cake, sugar cookies…you won’t find any of that here. Kinder cake, cream puffs and Russian Hats, you’ve come to the right place! You must be asking yourself, what is Balkan Bakery as you drive up and down La Grange Road hundreds of times a year to and from … Read More

When is the best time to take your child to the orthodontist?

by Dr. Kristie Dragstrem Petty & Dragstrem Orthodontics. Do you think your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment? When you have some concerns about your child’s teeth, you should never hesitate to bring your child for an evaluation. Sometimes, however, the bite issues are less obvious. Knowing when to take your child for an orthodontic … Read More

The Journey to Recovery from Mental Illness

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Written By:  Jeff Shapiro, CRSS and Nikki Rashes Often, when we think about living in recovery as it relates to mental illness, we look at it as an elusive point at the end of a long road.  With a combination of different types of treatment, recovery becomes a journey and that journey can take individuals … Read More